This is a blog dedicated to humanism and freethinking. Here’s exactly what that means.

What is this blog? What is it not?

This blog is for those of us who dare to think rationally in a world glorifying the repudiation of logic and science. This blog is for those of us who dare to challenge the most deep-seated social norms and beliefs ingrained into society. This blog is for those who acknowledge the bitter blades of dogma and blind, faith-based submission to authority, religious or not. This blog stands up for those who are in constant danger of being attacked and oppressed because they chose to speak up against the vices of faith. This blog is for those who choose to treat others with compassion, kindness, honesty, and bravely face the world with unstifled reason and intellectual integrity. This blog is for humanists, of all nationalities, of all stripes and shades.

No, this blog does not attempt to demonize religion at every turn and blame it for all of the world’s shortcomings. This blog recognizes the virtues and vices of religion, understands that it can be used for good and evil, and refuses to antagonize people of faith. That’s what humanism is, people.

That being said, this blog will antagonize forms of irrational thought, prejudice, and pseudoscience–from both sides of a debate. This blog, while appreciating religion for its contributions to culture, will actively combat intolerance of LGBT communities, atheists, and skeptics throughout the world, as well as prejudice against a variety of religious groups. Unwarranted vitriol against people of faith will also be battled.

This blog emphasizes the values of humanism, which includes rational thought and science. Creationism, global warming denial, “alternative medicine”, and  a variety of other such facets of science denial will be covered in our blog. Unfortunately, pseudoscience isn’t all too rare in the world today.

So, what exactly is this blog about?

This blog is about humanism–which encompasses science, rational thought, human rights, equality, tolerance, religion, secularism, and such. More often than not, this overlaps with politics and world news. But this blog will include analysis and opinion articles too, as well as contributions pertaining to all or no religions. We will also provide news and views on a variety of movements pertaining in some way or another to humanism, such as (but not limited to) feminism, LGBT activism, secular rights, and science popularization.

Writing pieces will not be neutral. Humanism sides with reason, rationalism, and morality–we’re not going to refrain from criticizing violence against atheists, or censor our appraisal of fights against Creationism.

What’s with the “Bangladeshi Humanist”?

Simple. I’m Bangladeshi. Or Bengali. Whichever it is, I was born and raised, and am currently living in, Bangladesh. (However, readers and contributors of all nationalities are welcome.)

Living in Bangladesh, where secular writers and bloggers are attacked–and even killed–on an almost regular basis, I’ve had my fair share of antagonization and ostracism for my lack of religious faith. That’s one of the reasons I felt spurred to create and maintain this blog: to help others understand different viewpoints, and have civil debates and discussions about them. People of all or no faiths welcome to read and contribute!

So read on below!






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