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Louisiana Bishop: Satan is Staging a “Homosexual Invasion” of Earth to “Steal Christian Children”

By Adi Chowdhury

Bishop Kenner

The “Summer of Justice”  event in Wichita, Kansas, has provided a home for the promulgation of an array of prejudiced, vitriolic claims, including assertions that women’s rights activism is a work of the devil. Following in the footsteps of his previous claims that push the limits of “deluded”, Bishop Otis Kenner of Louisiana declared that Satan is staging a “homosexual invasion” to stop God from taking dominion over the earth and that the “devil” in the White House is in on it.

Satan has “devised a system” using gay people to stop God’s “colonization of the earth realm” through procreation. These agents of the devil actively steal good, moral Christian children and suffuse their minds with thoughts of gayness and degeneracy. This will ultimately lead to widespread moral decay and the corruption of our good Earth, unless we band together and put a stop to corrupted homosexuals and other evil-mongers.

Or, at least, that’s the story according to Bishop Kenner.

Kenner, who works for the anti-abortion group Operation Save America, lent his voice to the promulgation of prejudice, inundating the conference with his blatant homophobia.

He also directed his attacks at the fact that the White House had been illuminated with the colors of the LGBT pride flag last June and pounced upon this event, emphasizing that the government was working hand-in-hand with Satan.

On an amusing note, Kenner pointed out that the decision (to legalize gay marriage) was handed down on June 26 of last year, he pointed out that the date included “two sixes, which means 666, the Mark of the Beast.” Maybe he needs less God and more math tutors in his life.

Here are some excerpts from his speech:

“Because the homosexuals know that they cannot procreate, so they take our innocent sons and daughters through adoption … to try to stop the colonization of God in the earth realm,” he said. He then spoke as Satan: “‘If I can get into their minds, if I can get into their spirit, then I can break the process of God, stop the procreation process of God and the colonization of the earth realm and make more just like them.’ It’s about them colonizing the earth with their own kind.”

“In 2008, I preached a sermon called ‘Homosexual Invasion,’” he said. “God has showed me this in 2008 how the homosexuals were going to invade our country because they want to stop the colonization of God in the earth realm.”

“They legitimize same-sex marriages and they light the White House up with the gay pride colors to signify Satan is sitting at the seat of power.Will you vote for the devil because he showed up black?” Kenner said he had asked his congregation, clarifying that he wasn’t calling President Obama the devil, just that “what he did was the devil.”

Immerse yourself in his lunacy here.


5 thoughts on “Louisiana Bishop: Satan is Staging a “Homosexual Invasion” of Earth to “Steal Christian Children”

  1. IF people didn’t take this seriously, it’d actually be pretty funny. If someone got up on stage here in New York City and performed this, people would be rolling in the aisles – I imagine a gale of laughter every time they said “Homosexual invasion”.

    But people take this stuff seriously. It’s terrifying.

    I believe, however, that in the US this is going going going gone. My generation has people who will never bend on this. A generation younger than me, the kids simply do not understand the fuss about “teh gay”. Mike likes girls, Joe likes guys – so what? Easy, unthinking tolerance makes me happy and gives me a little hope for the future.

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