Points to Ponder

Points to Ponder: Hastily (and Unnecessarily!) Attaching Divine Tags

By Adi Chowdhury

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It is common enough to encounter theists who argue along these lines: “There must have been something that created the universe! There must be a God!” In fact, this is among the simplest and most common arguments for theism in both historical and contemporary context.

I have little to no issue with the first part of that statement. As far as we know, the universe did have a beginning, in  a cosmic singularity, composed of extremely dense and hot material, that expanded very rapidly as per the Inflationary Model. There is solid science to back this up, as anyone with decent knowledge of astronomy and cosmology will be aware.

The form of universe we currently reside in is known to be approximately 13 billion years old. This means that the Big Bang is considered to have happened 13 billion years ago. But there is no consensus at all about whether the Big Bang is the beginning of all there ever was. For example, there is the cyclic model of the universe, in which the universe collapses and expands again repeatedly. There’s the “Big Bounce” mechanism that posits the Big Bang was just the inflation of a previous universe.

Let’s put all this aside for now, however, and simply accept for the time being that the universe did have a definite point of creation. Let us explore some of the objections that can be made against the idea that an “uncaused force” that created the universe is necessarily God.

1) On what basis do you claim that the “uncaused force” is…

  • a) omnipotent?
  • b) omniscient
  • c) benevolent
  • d) has any traditional divine attributes at all?

2) On what basis do you claim that this “uncaused force” is a conscious force at all, and not an impersonal, unconscious force of nature?

3) On what basis do you claim that this “uncaused force” still exists?

4) On what basis do you claim that this “uncaused force” has any impact on contemporary events, rather than simply creating the universe and departing?

Those are just some points off the top of my head. Thanks for reading, and leave any objections or comments below.

Have a great day, and as always, question everything.



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