About the Authors

Both of our authors operate on fake names, due to security reasons. Promulgation and publishing of pro-secular writing is dangerous in the current political environment in Bangladesh.


Adi Chowdhury is the co-creator, administrator, and the most frequent writer of this blog. As an essayist, writer, and avid reader, he describes himself as socially liberal, pro-globalist, pro-feminist, and pro-LGBT rights. He is an ex-religious and ex-creationist secular humanist, as well as a science enthusiast. He is a fan of space science and physics, contemporary politics, humanism and secularism, social movements, and (of course) our mission to elevate religious and secular harmony and mutual respect and understanding. He is also fond of both organized and informal debates, and has been presented with multiple awards for his activities in debate and discussions.


Jay Chowdhury is the co-creator and a writer for this blog.  Jay describes himself as pro-humanist, pro-feminist, pro-LGBT, and anti-nationalist. He is also an avid sports enthusiast. Jay harbors interest in a wide range of issues and topics, such as science popularization, contemporary music, business, and humanism. Those familiar with him can attest to his ambitious, humorous, and determined spirit.