About the Blog and Authors

So, what is this blog about?

The Bangladeshi Humanist is a blog crafted in the hopes of generating a world free of superstition, prejudice, and irrationality. Our team of Bangladeshi writers are striving towards realizing a wistful image of the world that lingers in the minds of all humanists: an image of a world that is blooming with appreciation of reason, celebration of scientific thinking, and tolerance and empathy towards all people regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religious faith (or lack thereof). A world where we repudiate baseless, artificial borders and embrace the joys of humanity and unity.

A world where we no longer look solely to superstitions or religion for our understanding of ourselves, but rather pick up the weapons of reason, rationality, and compassion to forge through the tangled mess that hinders our path to a better future.

A world where our beliefs and behavior are chiseled by scientific thinking, substantiated by evidence and logic.

A world where our gender does not determine how society perceives us. A world where our sexual orientation does not result is us being disowned and shunned by those around us. A world where our ethnicity and race does not result in us being labeled “filthy” or “inferior.” A world where religious differences do not manifest themselves in dispute or damnation of each other.

A world where people are not slaughtered in the streets for criticizing deep-seated religious beliefs, as many have been in Bangladesh. A world where scrutinizing religious ideologies, or any ideology for that matter, does not result in us being looked down upon. A world where a skeptical, analytical, unbiased approach to religion is encouraged rather than demonized.A world where some ideas and concepts are not deemed “unable to be criticized”, and are open to logical scrutiny.

A world, in short, guided by reason and science, and maintained through compassion and mutual respect for each other.

A humanist’s world.


So, what can you find on this blog?

Simply stated, this blog is about humanism. Well, what is humanism?

Humanism refers to a system of thinking that is propelled by reason, rationality, and empathy, rather than divine or supernatural guidance. (Note: does that mean that humanists absolutely reject the existence of the supernatural or the divine? No, not quite. We simply take note of the utter absence of evidence in favor of the existence of any such thing. If any considerable evidence of the supernatural turns up, we’ll let you know.)

Humanism encompasses issues such as science and rationalism. secularism and atheism, philosophy of religion, feminism and gender equality, LGBT rights, racial and religious tensions, among other issues. Here you can find thoughtful essays composed by our team of writers and any other guest contributors, as well as news articles pertaining to contemporary ongoings. However, this site is primarily an essay-based blog.


So, who are our readers?

Our blog is primarily geared towards secular humanists and will reflect a socially liberal mindset, but readers of all or no religions and political leanings are more than welcome! Please do not feel that our writings are intended to insult or denigrate all religious readers, because as humanists, we do not evaluate a person’s “worth” based on their faith (or lack thereof).

If you find any item of writing on our blog offensive or inaccurate, please comment on the post or leave us an email at bangladeshi.humanist@gmail.com .